Tuesday, July 29, 2014

HaR| rAyA CeLeBrAt|0N

This year Raya celebration placed at my mom's place as usual... However this year will be something different from last year in terms of raya preparation. This year I thought that I don't have any big budget... but seems like everything runs smoothly...Alhamdulillah. 

My boys are craving for Jakel collections of Baju Melayu: Aaron Aziz & Zizan Razak... which for me are expensive but somehow as a mother, it is hard to push away their desire. To look at them holding the clothes melt my heart... I closed my eyes and start to bargain with the salesman... and got it at RM150 per set. 

Giving away small token of duit raya to my kids, my brother and my parents are definitely in my list even I might have budget problem later on...anyway.... bare in mind sharing a bit of yours to your love ones are actually an investment. Allah will definitely replace it more than what you give. :-) That's what I believe. 

This is my family and this raya makes me happy.... Alhamdulillah we are getting closer than ever before and this is what I've been waiting for so long. :-)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

|fTaR w|Th CoLLEaGuEs

On last Monday, my colleagues and I had a great Iftar together at Chakri Palace Pavilion. Great time... it has been quite sometime for me to go out alone and spend my time with friends. Not an anti-social now but my kids are super priority now days. Below are some photos taken during the Iftar of myself and my 2nd great family. 

My boss, Halimah and myself :-)

Great colleagues

Thank you guys for all your time. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

CeLeBrAt|nG gErMaNy'S v|Ct0Ry

Congratulations to Germany for winning the World Cup 2014 and congrats to the goalkeeper, Manuel Neuer to be the best goalkeeper ever! Also congrats to Messi for winning the best player during the event. 

And in my office today, my colleague was busy on preparing small gift to the staff for celebrating Germany's World Cup win. 4 cupcakes signifying the number of time Germany wons the World Cup. Thank you Mek Na & RAP for the effort. The cupcakes looks nice and yummy.... well I'm on leave today so perhaps can get mine on Wednesday then :-)

W0rLD cUp F|nAL

By the time I'm posting out this, I am waiting for the World Cup Final, game between Germany & Argentina. Hey! Of course I'm with the Deutscheland boys!! If you think I'm supporting them because I'm attached with a German company, then you are wrong. Even since the last World Cup, Germany is one of my favourite team besides England ( for the MU players) and the Portugal ( for CR7).

I'm quite sleepy now... but still want to wait for the game to start. Perhaps a short nap for a while helps yeah! Sharing here a banner I've created for RAP's FB page and us wearing Support Germany theme to the office on 8th July before the Semi Finals. 

Go! Go! Germany!!

A banner created by me for RAP page on Facebook

My colleagues and I dressed up with Support Germany theme on 8th July 2014

Saturday, May 24, 2014

MoV|e T|mE - x-MeN

Had a great time with kids, dinner & watched X-Men. Where money can't buy - happiness!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

USS S|nGaPoRe Tr|P

On 16th-18th May, RAP staff organized a trip to USS Singapore under the staff fund.

A 3 days 2 nights trip, we traveled on Friday after office hours to Johor Bharu. The next day we went to USS Singapore and have lots of fun there!!

Yes... on that day itself I've managed to met my ex-business partner, also a friend whom treat me like her own sister. We haven't met for years... and it is truly worth to spent just a while with him there. TQ bro! Missed you so much and still~!!

Tuesday, May 06, 2014


Just want to wrap up birthday celebration for the last 6 months ago.

My family and I celebrated birthdays for Shahril, Shahrul & Tiha on 12 March (Shahril) and on 6 May for the other 2.

Here are some photos on the celebration:-

Shahril's birthday @ mom's place

Shahrul & Tiha @ our home

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My TeKs| S0 sEkS|...?

I was on my way back home today when there's a cab in front of me with a sticker MyTeksiSoSeksi.Com 

I'm wondering what is that...so..... I just have a look at it and happy to share with all of you this website and an application where you can simply install it on your smartphone. It's interesting and a good idea, so try it if you always use a cab to wherever you go :-)

The link of the website CLICK HERE